Caring for Flax Linen : Keeping it Healthy & Happy For Long.

Caring for Flax Linen : Keeping it Healthy & Happy For Long.

Flax linen is a beloved fabric, known for its durability, breathability, and natural beauty. To maximise the life and comfort of your linen pieces, proper care is essential. Let us understand how to maintain your flax linen, and ensure that it remains a cherished part of your home for years to come.

Why Proper Care Matters

Flax linen is a robust textile that becomes softer and more comfortable with each wash. However, without proper care, it can lose its unique qualities and longevity. Understanding how to wash, dry, and store your linen correctly will help preserve its natural beauty and functionality.

A- Washing Flax Linen

1. Use Mild Detergents : Harsh chemicals can weaken linen fibres. Opt for mild, liquid, eco-friendly detergents that are gentle on the fabric, and on the environment. AVOID bleach and fabric softeners, which can fade the colours, damage the fibres and reduce the natural softness of linen.

2. Wash in Cool or Lukewarm Water : Hot water can cause flax linen to shrink and weaken. Washing in cool or lukewarm water is sufficient to clean the fabric without causing damage .

3. Gentle Cycle : Use the gentle/gentlest cycle on your washing machine to reduce wear and tear on the linen. This setting minimises friction and agitation, which helps maintain the integrity of the fabric .

4. Separate Colours : As with any fabric, it's best to wash linen items of similar colours together to avoid colour bleeding. Always wash white linen seperately.

B- Drying Flax Linen

1. We recommend air drying: The best way to dry flax linen is to air dry it. Hang it on a clothesline or lay it flat on a drying rack to maintain its shape, and avoid excessive wrinkling .

2. Tumble Dry with Care : If you must use a dryer, choose the lowest heat setting, and remove the linen from the dryer while it's still slightly damp. This prevents over-drying, which can make the fibres brittle. Shake out the linens to reduce wrinkles before hanging or laying flat to finish drying.

C-Ironing and Wrinkle Management

1. Iron While Damp : For a crisp, smooth finish, iron flax linen while it is still slightly damp. Use a medium-hot iron and steam for best results. If the linen has dried completely, dampen it with a spray bottle before ironing .

2. Embrace the Natural Look : The natural wrinkles of linen are part of its charm, and most people appreciate the natural, slightly lived-in appearance of flax linen. If you prefer this look, you can skip ironing altogether. Simply smooth the fabric by hand after washing and drying.

D. Storing Flax Linen

1. Store your linen in a Cool, Dry Place : Keep your bed linen in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew and mold. Avoid storing them in plastic bags or containers, which can trap moisture and lead to fabric deterioration. We send you a pure cotton storage bag along with your linen.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight : Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can weaken linen fibres and cause discoloration. Store linens away from windows, or in opaque storage to protect them from light damage.

3. Use Lavender or Cedar : To keep your linen fresh and free from pests, consider placing sachets of lavender or cedar chips among your stored items. These natural deterrents help protect against moths and other insects without using harmful chemicals.

E. Tips for Specific Linen pieces

1. Linen Bedding : Rotate your linen bedding regularly to distribute wear evenly. This practice helps maintain the fabric’s integrity and extends its lifespan.

2. Linen Wearables : Wash linen clothing inside out to minimise surface abrasion, and protect any delicate details. When travelling, roll linen garments instead of folding to reduce wrinkles.

3. Table Linens : Treat stains on table linens promptly to prevent them from setting. Blot (don’t rub) stains with a mild detergent solution before washing as usual. Linen is forever. Just take care of it. By following these linen care tips, you can enjoy the magical benefits of flax—from its breathability and comfort to its timeless aesthetic. With a little attention and care, your flax linen pieces will only get better with age, embodying the principles of mindful living and sustainability.


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