Rs. 3,400.00
Rs. 3,400.00
Size (Inches)

We present to you, pure linen cushion cover, decorated with original art of Gond, hand painted by Nikki bhaiya from Bhopal, India. Each cushion cover is a single piece inventory, and the exact design cannot be repeated. The cover has a simple envelope opening for easy usage. The linen used is OEKO-TEX certified.

Caring for your ORIGINAL ART linen- Since this is a hand crafted piece, we request you to be gentle when washing it. We recommend a gentle bucket wash with cold water, and very gentle detergent, with absolutely no bleach or abrasives. After wash, squeeze out the water gently, and line dry in shade. Iron when still damp, and iron it inside out, at a very low temperature. Do not iron on the hand painted area. Click (here) to know how to care for your linen. Your linen is precious.

About Gond art- Gond is a traditional tribal art form, particularly practiced by the Gond people of Madhya Pradesh, India. The art is characterized by intricate and vibrant patterns depicting nature, animals, and daily life, often created using fine lines and dots. The drawings reflects the rich traditions and beliefs of the community, and are a visual narrative of their connection with nature, folklore, and spirituality. This art form not only preserves indigenous stories, but also provides a source of livelihood for Gond artists, contributing to the cultural sustainability of the community.

We are honoured to be a part of this magnificent art form.

Please Note: This piece has been shot under different lights to give you a better understanding of its hues and reflects.