Rs. 4,600.00
Rs. 4,600.00
Size (Inches)

Our ELDORA YELLOW pure European linen curtain is bright, vibrant and cheerful. It adds a pop of energy to the space, and can instantly enliven any room. Pair it with warm, neutral decor, or mix it with bold and bright prints to create a boho-chic statement of style. The fabric of the curtain is pre-washed for shrinkage, and is OEKO-TEX certified. The curtain has a hook panel, to drop it the old fashioned way.
The new curtain may feel a little stiff when it arrives. Don’t worry! It will soften after the first wash, and will get softer and softer with each wash.
PLEASE NOTE - This curtain is machine washable in cold water on GENTLE setting. Use very gentle cleaner (non-abrasive & bleach-free)to keep your linen looking good. We recommend line drying in shade. Iron on appropriate settings.  Please click
here to read the care instruction carefully. Your linen is precious.

Please Note: This piece has been shot under different lights to give you a better understanding of its hues and reflects.