Rs. 10,800.00
Rs. 10,800.00
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Please Note: This piece has been shot under different lights to give you a better understanding of its hues and reflects.
  • Made from OEKO-TEK certified pure European flax linen, our Slate Gray duvet cover is stonewashed for comfort, giving it a lived-in look and a feathery soft texture.

    This duvet cover is part of our Elemental collection.

    It has simple tie-strings and eyelet openings on the side for the duvet to slide in and out easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does flax linen benefit my sleep?

• Flax linen has anti-static qualities, which means that duvet covers made of flax linen barely cling to, or cause any friction against our bodies. This allows for a smooth sleeping experience with unobstructed body movements.

• Owing to flax linen's moisture wicking qualities, the duvet cover absorbs excess moisture (if any) from our bodies, and brings it to the surface allowing it to evaporate more easily.

Fabrics that are not moisture wicking (like cotton) may absorb sweat/moisture, but since they do not draw it away from the skin and onto the surface, the fabric ends up becoming heavy and sticking to our bodies.

Flax linen doesn't cling to our body, and the absence of trapped moisture allows our skin to breathe better.

• Flax linen as a fabric is dirt repellent and has anti-bacterial qualities, which means it suppresses the growth of pathogens and other bacteria unhealthy for the skin and body. It is for this reason that for many years linen was used in making bandages. Sleeping in one of the cleanest fabrics known to exist does wonders to our hygeine.

• Due to the texture, more specifically the breaks in the grains of the fabric, duvet covers made of flax linen have a massaging effect on the body. This contributes to better blood flow all across the body as we sleep.

• Flax works wonders in all seasons. Due to its thermoregulatory properties, linen helps us mantain our body temperature by keeping us warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

Sleep in flax and experience the wonders it does to your sleep quality.

What is stonewashed linen?

Stonewashing is a method of washing wherein the cloth is rolled over with abrasive stones (pumice) to give the fabric a loose, crinkly texture and a feather-like soft finish. Because of this our duvet covers are softer than ones made of regular (not-stonewashed) linen, and will prevent the fabric from shrinking over time with multiple washes. Not only that, stonewashing will give the fabric a lived-in, vintage touch and feel.

How should I wash my linen duvet cover?

This cover can be machine washed in cold water, with very gentle cleaning agents (non-abrasive and bleach-free). We suggest line drying in shade. If using a dryer, keep the setting as LOW HEAT. If needed, iron it when still damp, on appropriate setting. Please click here to read the wash care instructions carefully to keep your linen looking good for long.

Your linen is precious.